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We get a lot of the same questions that you customers want to know. Below you will find the answers to most of your questions. If you still have a question or concern thats not talked about here please feel free to contact us any time. Contact Us



What if I'm not happy with my product photography?

We will make sure we are all on the same page as to the directions on how you want your images to look. If your images need special attention we will first shoot you a sample to approve then after your approval we will photograph the rest of your products the same way. If for what ever reason you are not satisfied with your images in some cases we may re shoot them for you.

How long does my product photography take?

This all depends on the number of products you have to be photographed and how many images of each you need. Our standard for most product photography orders is 10 business days. You can have your order rushed (3 day turn around time) for an extra $75.

Do you have service nation wide?

Of course! We have customers all over the united states. We our low prices you can still save on your product photography even with shipping your products to our studio in Los Angeles. We will ship your products back to you in the same (in some cases maybe even better) condition as we received them.

Can I be there while you photograph my products?

Yes you can be present at the time of your product photography shoot as we have studio rates for you to come into the studio and we will be all about you and your products. You will see each shot as we take them to make sure you love each shot before we move on the the next one. This will ensure you will be in love with your product photography when we are done with the shoot because you already approved each one as we created them.

What if my product has some defects?

No problem! With our're photo shop skills there's nothing we can't fix on your products. There is an addition editing fee for this service. We are fast and very good at what we do so let us quote you on what you need fixed and Im sure we can give you a great price!

Is there a minimum order requirement ?

We don't have a minimum order requirement but do realize we have to setup our studio and lighting just for your products as every product is different and do require customized lighting and setup for each. It is always better to get all of your photography needs done at the same time since we have our studio setup for your products. The more product images we shoot for you the cheaper they become.

What if I lost my product images from Synek product photography ?

Don't worry we keep all of our product images that we have taken on file. We would be glad to re send you copies if you ever misplace yours. There can be a $50 re upload fee if we have to upload hundreds of images as this takes up a lot of time on our computers waiting for the images to upload.