Simple White Seamless backgrounds Not so simple!!!

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We here this from clients all the time that they just want their products photographed on simple white backgrounds. White seamless product images are by far the most popular type of product images as they are usually used for shopping cart pictures. Well these simple white seamless background shots can more time consuming then you think. When photographing products on white backgrounds there is a lot to keep in mind to achieve a pure white background. If your white backgrounds are not pure white when you upload them on your web site that has a white background on it your product images will have a border around them as the whites on your images will be a different tone of white and will not give the floating effect you want them to have. The pure white Pantone code used online is #ffffff. To give the pure white seamless floating effect on your images the image backgrounds have to be the same Pantone #ffffff white.

In most cases this can only be done with post production (photoshop) to get the pure white color. The backgrounds can be clipped out all together to to get them white also but this can make your products look very flat and cut out with no dimension to them. They look flat because without a background you will also lose the shadows that help make your products look more 3 dimensional. Using the products natural shadows definitely makes your products look more appealing in your images. So yes we will also have to add the shadows in post production along with ether adjusting or after clipping the white backgrounds to make them white. Does this sound simple yet? Well we're not done. When using a lot of light to make the white backgrounds an even seamless white it could easily washout the colors of your products making them dull looking. Now what? Well now we have to adjust the tone or/and the contrast on the product itself to make them pop again and look more rich in color and be vibrant. Simple? Well we just finished one image in this post and how many product images did you say you need? Do the math and you will soon see that creating white seamless background images can be very time consuming and not very simple at all!!!

With all the thousands of white background images Synek product photography has produced over the years we can now almost do this process with our eyes closed thats why we can offer the great low rates to do this for you giving you more time to stick to your day jobs. Check out our pricing and deals here...

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