When in Doubt, Clip it out!

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Not sure what type of backgrounds to photograph your products on? What if you had the option to change the backgrounds on your product images to whatever you want whenever you want. Guess what you can! You can have the backgrounds clipped out and saved in a layered format so you can easily change the backgrounds to whatever you want. Maybe you want to show your products on white seamless background to be used in your shopping cart or maybe you want to go all out with a creative background to stand out and get your products noticed on social media. Clipped background images will give you this flexibility so you can get many uses out of them for the life of you products. Don't be limited and give yourself options with clipped background images. This type of image is also referred as (clipping Path) Clipped images won't break your budget ether as they can be pretty affordable to have photographed this way. Checkout our great low prices on our clipped background images here...

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